We use data only where we have permission & consent


Our systems and processes ensure our data is secure & robust


We anonymise our data for processing, and ensure it’s used in aggregate

Location Sciences is built around the scientific use of data and as such we’ve put data privacy and security at the heart of our technology from day one. As a mobile technology company of several years our heritage is in secure and compliant data storage, processing and procedures, borne from our secure mobile payment products. This has only increased with the new GDPR regulation  and the forthcoming EU ePrivacy regulations. This page outlines what data we work with, why it’s secure and how you can work with us to opt-out of data collection if that’s what you want.

What does Location Sciences do?

Location Sciences is a mobile location data company that provide services to app owners and operators and to various industry sectors. To do this, Location Sciences uses our proprietary SDK technology located inside our partner apps, to securely access location information, and only where the user has given their permission. This is primarily to provide location analytics and location-based services (e.g. a message) to the app owner, in order to provide the core mobile app functionality to the consumer. We also use this location data, including device characteristics, to provide media measurement and location analytics to selected and verified third parties. We do this at an anonymised and aggregated level – an example of this is “what is the type of customers that visit a store from one month vs. another?”. You can see some more examples of our work in our Insights section of the website.

What data do we process and store?

Where the user has given permission, and the app and operating system allow it, we store the Advertising ID as reported by either Android or Apple operating system, the latitude, longitude and altitude, along with the device type, make, model and OS version. We may also collect the reported characteristics of the device, such as the velocity, the status of the Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections, if these are available.

We do not access, collect or store contacts, phone calls, social networking data or the individual’s name, address or contact information or any PII data other than the data specified above.

How is my data kept secure?

We encrypt all of our data where possible and store it in our secure data infrastructure. We have many years experience of working with sensitive data and have built our location data infrastructure from the ground up to be safe, secure and compliant with all relevant legislation, rules and standards.

What is your privacy policy?

The Location Sciences Privacy Policy is here

How do I access my data?

You can find out more about the data that we may keep for you by contacting us using the form below. For the purposes of processing your request we will ask for your name and a contact email address which will be stored for the duration of the processing of the request.

How do I stop sharing my data?

If you no longer wish your data to be used for advertising and analytics purposes, please follow the instructions below. On iOS, open Settings -> Privacy -> Advertising and switch on the ‘Limit Ad Tracking’ option. On Android devices, open Settings -> Google -> Ads and switch on the option to ‘Opt out of Ads Personalisation’.

How do I remove my data?

Please contact us to remove your data, using the form below. For the purposes of processing your request we will ask for a contact name and email address which will be stored for the duration of the processing of the request and any audit requirements.

Are you registered with the ICO?

Yes, we are fully registered with the ICO – you can view details of our registration on their website.

How do I contact Location Sciences?

Please use the form below or the contact us section of the website.

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