CSR Policy

See how Location Sciences lives corporate social responsibility and look into our commitment to health and safety, employees, customers, suppliers, environment and community.

Policy Objective

The objective of the Location Sciences Group PLC (“Location Sciences”) Corporate Social Responsibility Policy is to provide a reference guide for all stakeholders, drawing together the major elements which influence the conduct of its business and its relationships with the environment and society within which it works.


Location Sciences recognises that its business activities have direct and indirect impacts on the societies and environments in which it operates. It is the policy of Location Sciences that all its businesses endeavour to manage these potential impacts in a responsible manner.

Location Sciences believes that sound and appropriate performance in relation to corporate social responsibility is linked to business success.

Location Sciences is committed to reviewing and continuously improving its corporate social responsibility programme and encouraging its business partners to strive for the same objectives and levels of performance.

All Location Sciences businesses are committed to pursuing these aims and compliance with the associated policies set out below. The stage and level of implementation varies according to the specific market sector and level of maturity of each operating business unit.

Location Sciences formalises its Corporate Social Responsibility through a framework of policies as summarised below:

Standards of business conduct (code of ethics)

Location Sciences is committed to ensuring that all aspects of its business activities are conducted according to rigorous ethical, professional and legal standards. Location Sciences’ policy is set out in the Location Sciences Staff Handbook that is issued to every employee. Key employees and managers are required to report on, and confirm their compliance to the code, on an annual basis.

Health and safety

The health and safety of Location Sciences’ employees and all individuals who may be affected by Location Sciences’ business activities, is of paramount importance to Location Sciences. Location Sciences has a formal policy setting out its commitment to health and safety in its places of work and monitors performance against this policy at all management levels of the business.


Location Sciences aims to be the employer of choice in its chosen business sector and is committed to the development and well-being of its employees. Location Sciences is equally committed to providing fair and reasonable working conditions and remuneration with equal opportunities for advancement open to all individuals based upon personal performance. Location Sciences’ specific policies in this regard are set out in the Location Sciences Staff Handbook.


Location Sciences recognises that its business and livelihood depend upon its customers and strives in all its activities to deliver high quality and value in the delivery of services. Location Sciences works with its customers to identify better working practices and the best available techniques to benefit them in their own business environments.


Location Sciences regards its suppliers as partners and works with them to help achieve its aspirations in the delivery of services to its customers. Location Sciences aims to deliver maximum benefit and value to its clients by reducing costs of wastage through innovation, product development, process improvement and value engineering, throughout its supply chain.


Location Sciences is committed to reducing its impact upon the environment arising from its business activities and ensures all its premises utilise its own market leading renewable heating technologies.


Location Sciences strives to be a good corporate citizen in the areas where it operates and encourages participation in various non-political, non-sectarian projects and charities.