When Will Viewability Progress be Matched by Location Data Accuracy?

When Will Viewability Progress be Matched by Location Data Accuracy?

A recent report from Meetrics showed that UK viewability levels are on the rise. 58% of UK display ads in Q2 2018 met the MRC’s guidelines for viewability – meaning at least half of the ad must be visible for at least one second.

This still means that 42% weren’t viewable, of course, but it’s an improvement from the same time last year, when viewability levels stood at 51%. This is a sign of the progress that has been made, as the market matures and faces up to some of its biggest issues – like viewability, brand safety and fraud.

It’s great that the industry has taken these problems seriously, leading to greater levels of trust, confidence and transparency between publishers, advertisers and everyone in between. However, the fight isn’t over, and it’s vitally important that vendors stay ahead of the curve.

One area which we believe has not, to date, received the same treatment is location verification.
Over 42% of all mobile ad spend now involves location data, but as much as 80% of that data may be inaccurate.

Location Sciences’ Verify solution accurately verifies legitimacy of location data, identifies any inaccuracies and potential fraudulent practices, and ensures that audience profiles match the advertiser buy. With this independent, media-agnostic authentication, we’re trying to bring the same level of trust, transparency and confidence to location that has been brought to other areas of verification in recent years.

Making sure that you’re reaching your audience in the actual location you’re targeting is equally as important as making sure the ad is viewable – so it’s time to get serious about location verification.