Location Sciences Partners with Talon Outdoor Limited

Location Sciences Partners with Talon Outdoor Limited

After we recently announced our partnership with Talon Outdoor Limited, one of the UK’s pre-eminent Out of Home (OOH) planning and buying agencies, we wanted to provide some more insight into what the partnership will deliver for advertisers.

Location Sciences will provide Talon’s clients with unrivalled insight into the impact of their OOH advertising campaigns. Talon will both license Location Sciences’ proprietary location data, as well as work in partnership with the Location Sciences Data Science and Engineering teams, to create improved frameworks and accuracy for planning and attribution. Talon’s clients, amongst many others, include McDonald’s, Sony Pictures, VW Group and Google.

We are delighted to announce this contract with Talon, a leading player within the OOH marketing space. Talon utilises the latest technologies in its cutting-edge OOH communications and its choice of Location Sciences pays testament to the quality of our offering. There is too much smoke and mirrors in location data with vast differences in quality and accuracy. We are pleased that Talon, like many others, has recognised the accuracy and scale of our data. We look forward to working with them to bring out the value of location data in OOH planning. This long-term partnership shows this data will become more and more critical to brands investing in this space.

Commenting on our partnership Jonathan Conway, Chief Strategy Officer, Talon, said:

“Our understanding of on-the-go audiences is developing rapidly as we embrace location data and generate new insights about their real-world behaviours. This is helping us make smarter decisions for our clients about audience targeting, campaign optimisation and how to measure the outcomes of OOH advertising.

Rather than relying on third parties, we chose to create a proprietary Data Management Platform, designed specifically for OOH and supported by providers of high quality and accurate location data. We undertook a careful analysis because selecting data providers with the necessary precision, scale, profile and safeguards was crucial. We see Location Sciences as a market leader in this area and are excited about the new capabilities we will bring to market. The long-term partnership underlines our commitment to location data, which we believe will be a powerful tool for brands making media investments in the OOH space.”

We and excited by what our partnership can bring to OOH advertising campaigns and look forward to releasing results and insights from our analysis in the months ahead.