Become a Location Sciences app partner

Are you the owner or developer of a mobile app and want to do more with location data? We can provide insights and analytics for your apps, enhance your consumers location experience and provide a revenue stream.

We create profitable partnerships with app owners to help them do more with location data and analytics and we are currently seeking additional app partners.

Location Sciences is a registered Vendor with the IAB as part of the IAB’s Europe’s Transparency & Consent Framework.

App Partnership Advantages

  • Secure and anonymised

  • Consent Management Platform built-in – as an app owner you can use our CMP to ensure you only collect relevant location information and device analytics from consented users

  • Smart and profitable

  • App partners can generate revenue from their anonymised and aggregated data

  • Simple and fast

  • Easy and secure implementation with our developer SDK, compatible with both iOS and Android apps. Over 7 million users to date – robust and proven.

Find out more

Learn more about the advantages of becoming a Location Sciences app partner. Contact us to access full documentation and download our developer SDK now.